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Neos combines new technology and 24/7 safety assistance for a comprehensive home insurance. The company offers a range of home insurance products that have been designed to prevent home damage.

Connected Home Insurance

Founded in early 2017, Neos was created so that your home insurance can always be with you. With the continuous advances in technology, there is no reason that home insurance cannot be in real-time. Neos insurance aims to step in earlier to help reduce the chances of severe damage.

“So what we’re trying to do is to provide value to customers throughout the term of their policy — allowing them to monitor their own homes, using our cameras and the devices that we give them,” Matt Poll, Cofounder of Neos, said. “If there is an issue, they’ll get alerted. Most importantly they or us, through our monitoring center and assistance service, can [make] things right. In that sense, both the customer and us benefit if we’re successful.”

Neos’ Offerings

Neos offers home insurance and the latest technology. Some of their packages include wireless home sensors that can detect a variety of problems in your home. Depending on the insurance package, Neos provides up to nine home sensors. This consists of a combination of an indoor wireless camera, motion sensor, leak detector, smoke detector and door and window sensors. These security devices protect your home from unwanted visitors and ensure your home is never left vulnerable to leaks or fires.  

One of Neos’ most enticing features is its free app. The app sends real-time alerts to authorities if an issue is detected, and this allows for a quicker response and less damage caused. No matter where you are in the world, the Neos app can protect your home. With one swipe on the app, the Neos security is activated. This allows you to manage the various home sensors and monitor your house.

This new technology does not prevent the unexpected from happening, but it can help alert you to problems earlier and prevent massive disasters, and another aspect of Neos is their ability to connect homeowners to repair services. For example, this is great for those who are away on vacation and need to arrange a plumber to fix their leaking sink. The company’s ambition is to not only provide the best home insurance but also to be preventative and solve problems.

In today’s world, we are frequently commuting, working and vacationing away from home. Neos offers home insurance and emergency assistance to protect your home. Neos provides a single end-to-end solution for connecting, protecting and covering your home 24/7.