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As Chairman, Ezra Beyman is the central force leading the success and growth of Reliance. Drawing on his nearly three decades of entrepreneurial experience in real estate and ten years in insurance, Mr. Beyman has set his vision and acuity on one integrated goal: integrity and success.  His current portfolio of commercial and residential properties comprise of 93 apartment complexes and approximately 9,500 units, as well as several insurance companies.

Ezra Beyman’s entrepreneurial career features a humble yet profitable beginning. In 1985, he founded a small mortgage brokerage, together with his wife, that he operated in his basement. From there, his company rapidly grew into a dynamic force on the market. By 2008, he owned the third largest licensed mortgage brokerage in America, having acquired numerous mortgage companies in the interim. He also expanded to real estate acquisition, having grown his portfolio to over three billion dollars.



In expanding his investments, Mr. Beyman began exploring opportunities in other markets, acquiring several insurance agencies in both Florida and New Jersey. Always seeking lucrative growth platforms, his latest venture includes entering the domains of warrantee and insurance carriers.

Raised in the New York metropolitan area, Mr. Beyman spent his secondary and post-secondary school years at Mesivta Tifereth Yerushalayim, where he advanced his analytic abilities while mastering various areas of Talmudic studies, earning his position as one of the closest students of the Dean.  He earned his First Talmudic degree in 1975.  From early in his career, Mr. Beyman has worked closely with his wife, whom he made an equal equity partner in all his enterprises in 2009, now setting their combined set of eyes to growing their enterprise in the post-recession era to peaks surpassing their previous successes.

Another rewarding aspect of Ezra Beyman’s career has been the opportunity he has had to help young individuals succeed. Ezra Beyman thoroughly enjoys helping young people get into the real estate industry and mentoring them. Ezra has found that by helping younger employees succeed, they’re able to support their families, which is truly rewarding. 

Ezra Beyman | Biography Video

Ezra Beyman is a real estate and home insurance professional with decades of experience under his belt. Through his years of hard work, Ezra has demonstrated his capability to manage a large portfolio of units and properties. Because of his innate real estate industry...

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