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As a real estate and insurance professional, I understand the importance of home insurance. Much like health insurance or car insurance, it is a vital part of our lives. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not believe in or refuse to purchase a home insurance policy. That worries me; not because I fear for what may happen to the industry, but because of what may happen to the safety of my fellow citizens. If these past few weeks have taught us anything, it is that we as a society are still drastically unprepared for natural disasters. And that is exactly why we need to invest in home insurance.


It is reported that the recent hurricanes in both Texas and Florida will cost approximately $150 billion. While there are federal government programs that do provide assistance to those who have been affected, it is the private home insurance policy that will come in handy for most. Particularly in Florida, where wind damage was prevalent, homeowners will likely be reimbursed for their losses as long as they have home insurance.


For those that do not, they are on a slightly more slippery slope. Most Floridians, roughly 18%, are not insured for flood damage. That is incredibly alarming. While most home insurance policies do not cover flood damage, you can still purchase flood insurance separately from homeowner’s insurance. And most other damages from natural disasters like hurricanes are covered by home insurance.


Without these policies, millions will be left to face sky-high bills, and federal funding can only cover so much. Most standard home insurance policies will cover damage to your house and any repairs that are needed, from disasters such as hurricanes, aside from flooding; but again, you can purchase flood insurance separately.


After seeing the astronomical damage that both Hurricane Harvey and Irma have caused in the US alone, we must all learn from these disasters and protect ourselves for the next inevitable event.


If you do not have homeowner’s insurance, I highly recommend that you research the best possible policies for yourself; if you already have a policy, I strongly encourage you to read it over once more just to familiarize yourself with what you are covered for.