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Home insurance is a tricky subject (as are most insurance policies), as it is a necessity, and yet not everyone can afford a policy. I understand that we have to save money wherever we can, but skimping on home insurance is simply not a good idea. With that being said, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you pay less for your home insurance.

Consider Giving Away Your Pet

This may seem like a very drastic step to take, but it could help save you a great deal in home insurance. Research shows that having animals in your house, particularly dogs, can increase your insurance rates. Statistics even show that dogs account for approximately one-third of all liability claims. I’m not necessarily saying to get rid of your current pet, but if your home insurance rates are sky high and you’re looking for a way to bring them down, consider giving your pet to someone who can afford it, like a relative or a friend.

Lose the Pool

It’s the middle of the summer, you’re hot and sweaty, but you’ve got a nice pool in your backyard to help cool you down. The perfect situation, right? Not necessarily. Houses with pools tend to have higher insurance rates due to the obvious dangers that these summertime swimming areas present. By losing the pool, you can very easily, and quickly, decrease those rates.

Manage Your Wood-Burners

Summer’s over and winter is coming. You want to warm up by the fireplace with your loved ones and enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbuster from the comfort of your living room. Wood-burning fireplaces offer the perfect solution. They really do warm up the house. However, you should absolutely keep that burner up to code in order to ensure that it doesn’t start a fire in your house. Naturally, insurance companies impose higher rates on houses with fireplaces, seeing as how they account for 36% of house fires every year in the US. Keep it clean and up to date, and you should be fine.

Again, having home insurance is important, so sacrificing a few of life’s luxuries is worth the peace of mind that home insurance provides. I hope that this offers some assistance in saving you money!