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Ezra Beyman is a real estate and home insurance professional with decades of experience under his belt. Through his years of hard work, Ezra has demonstrated his capability to manage a large portfolio of units and properties. Because of his innate real estate industry knowledge and impeccable communication skills, Ezra has been able to earn the respect and admiration of his peers and community members. Currently, Ezra serves as the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Empire American Holdings, LLC.

In his current position, Ezra is responsible for overseeing over 300 residential apartment complexes featuring over 40,000 units. His day-to-day tasks include managing the acquisition, financing and renovation of these properties and their units. Ezra Beyman has a variety of other business ventures that he is heavily involved in, including a home insurance company.

Ezra has successfully grown his small company, which he founded in a small apartment in the east side of New York City, and turned it into a wide range of multi million-dollar entities with reach throughout the country.

A graduate of Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem, Ezra Beyman earned his First Talmudic Degree (equivalent to a B.A.) in 1975. Since then, he’s taken the country by storm with his real estate and insurance companies.

Outside of his professional career, Ezra does have a bit of a philanthropic side. In order to improve his community’s education rates, Ezra founded the Ezra Trust Foundation. The foundation main program, Learner Earner, is specifically designed to help young men complete their undergraduate studies.

Although he has had a tremendously successful career thus far, Ezra Beyman feels there is no end in sight to what he can accomplish. He is very eager and motivated to move forward and learn even more about his industries. He is also very excited to make even more professional connections and relationships. He hopes that this video will give a brief look at what he’s been able to accomplish throughout his career and that it will pave the way for even greater professional networks.

When not working, Ezra Beyman can be found enjoying the streets of New York City, his home. He thoroughly enjoys the city’s bright lights and never-ending energy. From its diverse array of cuisine to its abundance of activities and social hotspots, Ezra loves everything that New York City offers and stands for.

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